About Joining Paparazzi

When you have a product that everyone loves and everyone can afford, then everyone benefits. Making real money becomes very real. Buy a Starter Kit with 35 pieces of jewelry and all the marketing materials you will need for only $99. There are other starter kits as well. You will also receive a FREE website with a 24/7 online store. Earning full commission on all sells from the site as well.
If you love fun fashion, why not sell it yourself? It’s easy and affordable – simply invite people over to experience trendy accessories that sell themselves. You determine the who, where, and when. You set up the product and a party atmosphere. When you sell, you keep the 45% profit and it's yours to do whatever you want with it - reinvest in more inventory, pay a bill, treat yourself to dinner. It's all up to you.
Best of all, there’s no pressure. No gimmicks. No sales presentations or party games (unless you want to). Becoming a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is straightforward and simple:
•Buy your inventory up front
•Earn immediate cash with a 45% profit
• Sell from your own dedicated web site and receive a monthly check for earnings
•No catalogs or customer orders to mess with
•Sell where and when you want
•Get additional compensation when others become Consultants - up to 10% of what your team purchases
•Have parties to fund a vacation, or for serious income
•No long-term commitment
•Have fun showing and selling products women love

It works because it’s fun and affordable for both you and your potential customers. Paparazzi has a look for everyone, and at $5 apiece, who can resist?

"We are trained to expect outrageous prices at jewelry parties - Paparazzi is re-training all of us."
Why Choose Paparazzi Accessories?
Paparazzi is a great way to start a small business from your own home, or a great product line to add to a store you already own. By becoming an Independent Consultant you can be your own boss, set your own hours, and most important, be excited about your product. The sky is the limit for those who are prepared and ready to take their business to the next level and this is true for any business. Nothing is more exciting than having dozens of women flock over your items and be in complete AWE about the price.
Paparazzi Accessories has a very rewarding compensation plan. You earn 45% on every item you sell. Also, by creating a down line you will earn commissions up to 10% on your team, plus bonuses and various promos (trips, convention, double rewards, etc.) as you build your team just doing what you love.
Of course, you want to try to build your team, as one of the perks of being a Paparazzi Independent Consultant is the extra commission income you can earn (up to 10%). But unlike pyramid schemes and MLM companies, you are not dependent on recruiting to make money.
Your business will thrive on the RETAIL sales that you make. After all, that's 45% profit on each piece for you. That will be the bulk of your income. Do you have a specific goal that you need the extra income for, like a vacation or car payment? Make that goal your focus and you'll achieve it in no time. Then, focus on team-building!
Paparazzi consultants are TEAM MEMBERS - not recruits.

Where Can I Sell Paparazzi?
Anywhere! Paparazzi has been around long enough to be well established (just about 3 years), but new enough that not every one of your neighbors has joined. There are no territories; the whole country is up for grabs. However, Paparazzi Accessories is growing like wild fire, so do not delay! You're going to look back in 2 or 3 months and wish you had gotten off the fence and joined! Be the top consultant in your area and have the whole city knocking on YOUR door.
TO JOIN: Go to www.jessicajewelryboutique.com click on business opportunities, sign up now. My consultant ID is 114723.
How Can I Sell Paparazzi?
While you cannot sell on eBay, Amazon or similar sites, you have lots of other options available to you:
• Home parties: Contact friends, families and neighbors. When they leave your home they will be happy and you will be happy. No more of these overpriced jewelry parties! While I've always loved the jewelry offered at many other home parties, I simply could not afford to buy what I wanted and would always leave feeling guilty that I could not support the hostess more. Not with Paparazzi Accessories! EVERYTHING is only 5 dollars each, or less for the kids' jewelry!
• Work trade shows and events.
• Local, County and State Fairs are also a fun way to get out your Paparazzi name.
• Sell within a retail store, salon, or boutique.
• Online on your dedicated Paparazzi web site (Free with enrollment)
• BE CREATIVE - sell everywhere you can.
You ARE permitted to advertise on Facebook/Instagram to develop a warm market for potential team members and home parties.

At What Age Can I Become a Consultant?
You must be 18 or older to become a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.

If I Live Outside the United States, Can I Become a Consultant?
At this time, only residents of the United States or its' territories (Puerto Rico, for example) can become consultants.

What is a Starter Kit?
During the sign up process you can choose between 3 different starter kits. A Starter Kit includes your first set of specially selected inventory and business essentials. Please note: Starter Kits are only available during the initial sign-up process!

What Comes in a Starter Kit?
$99 starter kit (Jewelry Only): Includes 35 pieces for jewelry (no hair accessories),marketing supplies , and a necklace display. (Retail value $175)
$299 starter Includes 120pcs of inventory, marketing supplies, necklace and ring displays (retail value $$600)
$499 starter kit which includes 200pcs inventory, full set of jewelry displays ,marketing supplies, and a FREE TICKET TO NEXT YEARS CONVENTION!! (Retail value $1100)

Can I Choose the Items I get in my Starter Kit?
No, not at this time. Each Starter Kit contains a vast array of specially selected items. You'll get many, many different styles in order to give you a variety of items for your customer to choose from, and for you to become familiar with the different styles.

What is the Minimum that I Must Buy?
There are no minimum orders with Paparazzi. To be considered an active consultant with Paparazzi, you do need to purchase 100 pieces per year. This lets them know that you still want to be a consultant. Once you start building your team and want to earn commissions off of what they purchase, there are certain milestones you must achieve, like purchasing 25 or 50 pieces per month (depending on the rank you want to achieve).

How Much is Shipping?
When you order your inventory from Paparazzi, you will have a flat rate shipping fee of just $5.95. No per item fees, no weight-based shipping - just a flat $5.95. UNLESS your order is $100 or more, then shipping is FREE.

When Will I Receive My Shipment from Paparazzi?
This all depends on where you are located in the US. Packages are sent via UPS. The closer you are to the headquarters in Utah, the less the transit time will be and vice versa. It usually takes 3-4 business days for me.

What About Sales Tax?
You will be charged sales tax on the retail value of each piece you order. Paparazzi is required to do this. This is intended to ensure that each state tax agency is made whole on any potential sales from the transactions of that wholesale product. The sales tax is charged at the local level of the place where the order is shipped. Paparazzi collects these taxes at the time of wholesale inventory purchase and remits it to the state on behalf of the Retail Sale that the Consultant may now have.
This also allows the Paparazzi Consultant the option of charging their local taxes on their Customer transactions and recuperate that cost, or absorbing it into their business structure; while at the same time not bringing any uncovered sales tax liability on Paparazzi or the Consultant.

What is the Guarantee?
As far as when you are selling to your customers, Paparazzi does not mandate a specific guarantee. They leave it up to each individual consultant as to what they want to offer. Some people sell it as all sales final, and some offer 3, 5, or even up to a 15 day return/exchange policy.
When you receive your inventory shipment from Paparazzi, you have three (3) days to look it over and notify them if anything is broken and not repairable.
Most items are repairable, simply by squeezing shut a jump ring (these are the small, circular rings used in most jewelry making processes).

Does Paparazzi Withhold Taxes?
No. You are solely responsible for reporting the income you make from your Paparazzi business. You will receive a 1099 or similar form from Paparazzi at the end of the year to assist you with your tax filing.
* * * Make sure to keep track of ALL your expenses: mileage, food, postage, office supplies, etc. Even the cost of the inventory you purchase! These are important costs of doing business and as a consultant, you will own your own business. Be sure to take advantage of all the tax deductions you are legally allowed! * * *

Do I Need A Vendors License?
These laws vary by municipality. Your local municipality may or may not require it, so it is a good idea to check with your local government.
However, when you are signing up for and event, you will sign up under your name and Paparazzi Accessories as the company. As a consultant, you are permitted to use Paparazzi's Tax ID number to register for any events. To get the Tax ID number for your state, ask your sponsor or call Paparazzi's corporate office to get the number specific to your state.

Where is the Jewelry Made?
At this time, our items are manufactured in China.

Is the Jewelry Hypoallergenic?
While not labeled as "hypoallergenic", all our items are lead and nickel free.

Do I Have to Purchase My Display or Marketing Items from Paparazzi?
Absolutely not! As an Independent Consultant, you are allowed to use the Independent Consultant logo as you wish. You can make your own business cards, banners, posters, flyers, etc. You can also make your own displays or purchase them from wherever you want. It's completely up to you.
You cannot, however, alter the logo in any way.

Are There Any Catalogs to Look At/Order From?
Nope. Paparazzi does not create catalogs. This is part of the reason the prices are so low! Also, new inventory is added almost weekly, so it would be nearly impossible to maintain a current paper catalog.
Your customers can see what is new on your website!

Can My Customers Order Directly from the Paparazzi Website?
Yes! Your customers will be able to order through you on your website!
If you have any other questions you can contact us:
Jessica Lee Independent Consultant #114723 Call/text 863-253-1169
www.jessicajewelryboutique.com jessicajewelryboutique@gmail.com